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The practice of Hanuman Aarti holds a special place in the hearts of Hindus, as it entails devoted worship and melodious hymns dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This revered deity is renowned for his unswerving dedication, immense strength, and profound wisdom. Discover the immense blessings and divine connection that await you. (See हनुमान आरती in hindi)

Hanuman ji ki Aarti Lyrics

॥ Shree Hanuman Aarti ॥

Aarti Kije Hanuman Lala Ki । Dusht Dalan Ragunath Kala Ki ॥

Jake Bal Se Girivar Kaanpe । Rog Dosh Ja Ke Nikat Na Jhaanke ॥
Anjani Putra Maha Baldaaee । Santan Ke Prabhu Sada Sahai ॥

Aarti Kije Hanuman Lala Ki ॥

De Beera Raghunath Pathaaye । Lanka Jaari Siya Sudhi Laaye ॥
Lanka So Kot Samundra-Si Khai । Jaat Pavan Sut Baar Na Lai ॥

Aarti Kije Hanuman Lala Ki ॥

Lanka Jaari Asur Sanhare । Siyaramji Ke Kaaj Sanvare ॥
Lakshman Moorchhit Pade Sakaare । Aani Sajeevan Pran Ubaare ॥

Aarti Kije Hanuman Lala Ki ॥

Paithi Pataal Tori Jam-kaare । Ahiravan Ke Bhuja Ukhaare ॥
Baayen Bhuja Asur Dal Mare । Daahine Bhuja Santjan Tare ॥

Aarti Kije Hanuman Lala Ki ॥

Sur Nar Muni Aarti Utare । Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Uchaare ॥
Kanchan Thaar Kapoor Lau Chhaai । Aarti Karat Anjana Maai ॥

Aarti Kije Hanuman Lala Ki ॥

Jo Hanumanji Ki Aarti Gaave । Basi Baikunth Param Pad Pave ॥
lank vidhvams kiye raghurai . tulasidas swami kirti gaai ॥

Aarti Kije Hanuman Lala Ki । Dusht Dalan Ragunath Kala Ki ॥

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Hanuman Aarti Lyrics English

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What is Hanuman Aarti?

Hanuman Aarti is a devotional practice in Hinduism that involves singing hymns and offering prayers to Lord Hanuman. It is a way for devotees to express their reverence and seek the blessings of Hanuman, the divine embodiment of strength, courage, and devotion.

The Significance of Hanuman Aarti

Hanuman Aarti holds immense significance in Hinduism. It is believed that reciting the Aarti with pure devotion helps invoke Lord Hanuman’s blessings, protection, and guidance. The hymns sung during the Aarti praise Hanuman’s virtues and offer gratitude for his divine presence in one’s life.

The Rituals and Procedure of Hanuman Aarti

Hanuman Aarti is usually performed in temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman or in private homes by devotees. The ritual involves the following steps:

  • Cleanse the idol or image of Lord Hanuman.
  • Light incense sticks and diya (lamp) as a symbol of spiritual illumination.
  • Offer flowers, fruits, and other auspicious items to Lord Hanuman.
  • Recite the Hanuman Aarti hymns with utmost devotion and sincerity.
  • Wave aarti (lighted camphor) in a circular motion in front of the deity while singing the hymns.
  • Conclude the Aarti by seeking Hanuman’s blessings and expressing gratitude.

The Benefits of Reciting Hanuman Aarti

Reciting Hanuman Aarti with devotion is believed to bestow numerous benefits upon the devotees. Some of the notable benefits include:

  • Strengthening faith and devotion towards Lord Hanuman.
  • Seeking protection from negativity and evil forces.
  • Finding courage and strength in times of difficulty.
  • Promoting physical and mental well-being.
  • Enhancing spiritual growth and self-realization.

Hanuman Aarti and its Connection to Devotees

Hanuman Aarti creates a deep spiritual connection between devotees and Lord Hanuman. Through the rhythmic chanting of hymns and the offering of prayers, devotees experience a sense of inner peace, devotion, and divine connection. The Aarti acts as a medium to express gratitude, seek blessings, and surrender to the divine will of Lord Hanuman.

Hanuman Aarti: A Source of Inspiration and Devotion

Hanuman Aarti serves as an inspiration for millions of devotees who seek spiritual enlightenment and guidance. The hymns and verses echo the principles of unwavering faith, selfless service, and devotion towards a higher power. Through this, devotees embark on a journey of self-discovery, discovering the infinite potential within themselves.


Hanuman Aarti holds a special place in the hearts of millions of devotees around the world. Through the melodious hymns and heartfelt prayers, devotees express their love, gratitude, and unwavering devotion to Lord Hanuman. This sacred practice not only strengthens the bond between the devotee and the deity but also instills a sense of peace, courage, and spiritual upliftment. So, immerse yourself in the divine energy of Hanuman Aarti, and let Lord Hanuman guide you on your spiritual journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should one perform Hanuman Aarti?

There is no set frequency for performing Hanuman Aarti. It can be done daily, during special occasions, or whenever one feels the need to connect with Hanuman’s divine energy.

Can non-Hindus participate in Hanuman Aarti?

Yes, Hanuman’s divine grace is open to all. Anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, can participate in Hanuman Aarti and experience its transformative power.

Are there any specific time or location requirements for performing Hanuman Aarti?

Hanuman Aarti can be performed at any time and in any suitable location. It can be done in temples, homes, or even in personal spaces dedicated to spiritual practices.

Can Hanuman Aarti be recited in any language?

Yes, Hanuman Aarti can be recited in various languages, including English, Hindi, Sanskrit, or any language that one is comfortable with. The important aspect is the sincere devotion and intention behind the recitation.

Is there any specific way to perform Hanuman Aarti?

While there are traditional ways to perform Hanuman Aarti, the most essential aspect is the genuine devotion and connection with Hanuman. The sincerity of heart is paramount in seeking the blessings of the deity.